Fractal Encryption

The current encryption is based on the number theory with multiplication of two large prime numbers, invented by three scholars with initials R, S, and A.

While this method is very strong cryptographically, large prime numbers might become scarce in not so distant future, especially everything is moving to cloud computing.

Fractal encryption, proprietary to ours, is simply superposing another file on the original file (if data is in a file). This “another file” functions as a key file after it is fractally encoded.


Things We Said Today

I’m on Facebook all the time when I’m awake, leaving it on while doing other things. I had only few friends there because most of my friends don’t come in. So I decided to “Add Friend” as suggested by Facebook. I happened to send a friend request who is a big fan of The Beatles, then more fans have been suggested and I have sent as many requests as permitted. It may be good to have a lot of friends there but the problem is that I don’t know much about them. I know some people have almost 5,000 friends there and I wonder how their walls look like. I have “only” 137 friends right now, but I can only read just a tiny part of their postings. This can happen on Twitter too.

Words are flying unnoticed, half of what they are saying is meaningless.