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I really enjoyed many articles on it, for instance;

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And they offer free WordPress Blog setup, too!


Web-Based Game Million Catcher

Nowadays everybody loves games.

We have created a small game called Million Catcher.

Million Catcher is a simple, yet addictive web-based game.

You simply touch number buttons as shown at the top, starting with 4 digits and then proceeding to 5, 6, through 10 digits. There is a timer working while playing. If you touch number buttons in correct order in time, “Success” page appears and you will earn full amount of money. If the timer expires before all number buttons are touched, “Timeout” screen appears. If you touch any wrong number button and finish before time out, “Failure” screen appears.

The dollars you have earned are accumulated on and on.

Each level of digits has 10 iterations (only “Success” counts). When 10 digit level is completed, the game will return to 4 digits with shorter timeout period.

Million Catcher is not for free, but costs you only $1.29.