Winning Forex Trading Guide

Winning Forex Trading
PinkGaga Bot for Forex Traders
There is no Table of Contents…
I just want you to read through
from top to bottom.
It’s very short. It does not take
your time.
OK, so you want to make money
with Forex trading…You are a Forex trader, whether
winning or losing.
You may have studied a lot about
Forex trading and learned about
lots of indicators, when to buy or
sell, and how and when to close
Nevertheless, you have not reached
where you wanted to be.
Do you know why?
Because there is no knowing in
advance how the actual price
moves ahead. Nobody can predict
that, maybe except for big players who pour huge amount of money
at their discretion.
Now you are at Cul-de-sac.
BUT you don’t have to worry. There
is a way. We have spent a very
long time to arrive at this point
where we can make profit
It may surprise you because it is
easy to follow and it is indeed a
very simple strategy.
First, we should use hedging.
Without this, we have to “read the
charts”, that is a hard thing to do.To be honest with you, we can not
read the charts.
Again, don’t ever worry about
this. You don’t need to read the
charts. You don’t even have to
look at the charts.
Sounds strange?
That’s where hedging is good at.
Hedging means we have BUY and
SELL orders at the same time.
Therefore, either BUY or SELL
orders always win. And then all
you have to do is to wait for the
price to retrace, which happens
most of the time.What is the exception? “No
retrace” will happen? YES it will.
The price goes continuously in
one direction from time to time.
It may be 400-500 pips or even
If we can accommodate such
moves, then everything looks all
And that is exactly what PinkGaga
Bot does for you.
Please watch the following video
on YouTube:

(Here’s transcript for you)
Why PinkGaga Wins
PinkGaga uses a simple hedging strategy.
It opens a BUY/SELL order pair when started.
There are 1 BUY and 1 SELL orders.
It closes either BUY or SELL order when the
price moves by PipStep pips
SessionTP profit value is reached.
We set PipStep and SessionTP so that 1 PipStep
yields 1 SessionTP.
Assume the price rises.Then PinkGaga closes BUY order when the
price rises by PipStep pips. At this point of
time, it opens another BUY/SELL order pair.
So we have 1 BUY and 2 SELL orders. And we
got 1 profit and 1 unrealized loss.
If the price keeps rising, then PinkGaga
takes profit from each BUY order.
At the same time, unrealized loss
When the price moves in one direction, profit
increases linearly like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., while
[unrealized] loss accumulates faster like -1,
-3, -6, -10, -15, etc.
We need to avoid such unrealized loss
accumulation (big drawdown).
On the contrary, if the price retraces, profit
increases while unrealized loss decreases.
For instance, assume we use PipStep of 100
pips and if the price rises 100 pips and, without reaching 200 pips, it retraces to the
start point, we have 2 profits and 1
unrealized loss.
To summarize:
If the price moves in one direction,
unrealized loss surpasses profit.
If the price retraces, profit surpasses
unrealized loss.
So what?
All we need to do is to make the price
retrace easily.
(Well, we can not move the price…)
Then how?
By using large PipStep and corresponding
SessionTP values.IT’S THAT SIMPLE.
Keep the above in mind, please.
Assume we can afford up to 6 unrealized
This means we can afford to cover 3
consecutive PipStep moves in one direction.
If the price rises, unrealized loss accumulates
as shown below (6 losses):
1 1 1
1 1
During that time we got 3 profits.
Thus there remains -3 (=3-6) losses.
We need to cover this.We also need to cover outstanding orders.
In this case, we have 1 BUY and 4 SELL
Therefore, we need to cover 3 (=4-1) orders.
In total, we need to cover 3 losses and 3
From this, we can calculate how much money
we need to cover them.
And also we can determine PipStep and
SessionTP values.
If we can allow up to 600 pips in one
direction move, then we set PipStep to 200
Set SessionTP accordingly. For instance, set it
to 200 USD.IMPORTANT: Don’t rush.
Using large PipStep is crucial.
Small PipStep yields profit faster BUT
unrealized loss accumulates more quickly,
resulting in big drawdowns.
We would need much more money to cover
unrealized loss and BUY/SELL order
Large PipStep gives you piece of mind.
You don’t need to worry about how economic
announcement and/or news affect the price
Large PipStep can accommodate abrupt price
We usually use daily chart.
I believe you understand what I have
explained so far.If you use appropriate PipStep and SessionTP
values, PinkGaga wins and makes money for
Please visit
to find the detailed performance reports on
They show actual PipStep and SessionTP
NOTE: PipStep must be 100 pips at minimum.
We can achieve profit factor over 3.
Since we use large PipStep, profit adds up
It is advisable to use PinkGaga on multiple
currency pairs simultaneously.
~ END ~Do you understand?
You should:
1. Use hedging.
2. Use large PipStep to
accommodate drastic changes.
3. If you look at the charts, use
daily charts.
4. Let PinkBot make money for
5. Be a winning trader.
Thank you for reading.


PinkGaga – Forex Automatic Trading Bot

PinkGaga Bot – Profitable & resilient Forex Bot.

PinkGaga uses a very simple hedging strategy.
This video shows a back test from 2014/1/2-2014/4/2/ on USDJPY 1M chart. PinkGaga does not depend on timeframe, and that’s why I used 1M chart.

Important: Use larger PipStep (distance between Buy/Sell pairs) to win stably and to avoid big drawdowns.

Video of 2:36 long repeated twice, with audio of Sun King & Yesterday

Red screen shots are my live account, lol.