MuseMaker – Anyone can make music

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Music making is now at your fingertips.

All you need to do is type some texts just like facebook posts.

All you need to have are SummerSoft Labs’ MuseMaker and Apple iMac PC (and/or Microsoft Windows and/or Linux platforms).

SummerSoft Labs’ MuseMaker automatically turns your texts into JojoSound, utterly spontaneous progressive music.

This means your posts on facebook can be turned into music with our MuseMaker.

JojoSound tunes are always danceable, all right. Use your own JojoSound tunes at parties, on dance floors, you can be a DJ with your own JojoSound tunes. JojoSound tunes can also be used as soundtracks for your movies. JojoSound tunes can last long, for as long as several hours, or even longer.

Please explore some of our own works on Youtube

…and SoundCloud:

Carnal Pleasure

Continued Lark’s Tongues In Aspic

I love you, babe

Precision Solution

Longer texts generate longer JojoSound tunes.

Generated tunes are all yours.

MuseMaker is a Java class, i.e., MuseMaker.class.

MuseMaker depends on Jfugue.jar, as well as Java, so you need to download Jfugue.jar from

Since web browser support for Java applet is quite poor, we gave up web applet approach.

Instead, we offer MuseMaker.class/.jar and MuseMakerR.class/.jar files, and then you run either of them offline in on iMac platforms. (Alternatively, you may use Command Prompt on Windows platforms.)

MuseMakerR generates more chaotic tunes


PinkGaga Has Evolved

is IBM business partner.

PinkGaga Bot For Automatic Forex Trading

~ PinkGaga, a true profit-making system ~

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PinkGaga Bot was produced by Jojo, the creator of RubberBands EA’s on MTQ4.

PinkGaga Bot is designed to maximize profit while minimizing drawdowns. PinkGaga Bot

consists of three separate EA’s: PinkGaga_EURUSD, PinkGaga_EURJPY, and


There is no user setting required – just load it on the chart and enable it. Currently

PinkGaga Bot only supports USD accounts.

PinkGaga Specifications:
Works on MT4 platforms – any version
Hedging is a MUST (e.g., FXDD Malta)
To be attached to EURUSD, EURJPY, and USDJPY Daily charts
Leverage must be 100
Requires minimum 1,000 USD balance for 0.01 lots
Only needs to run on trading days
Can be used for unlimited number of accounts and machines
Only supports USD accounts

PinkGaga Bot uses hedging and a long term strategy – it is not for day trading.

Hedging covers both of trend-following and averaging techniques.

PinkGaga Bot constanly opens and closes orders for you.

PinkGaga Bot should be used on all of EURUSD, EURJPY, and USDJPY charts to make

a complete circle. In addition, the leverage must be 100. PinkGaga Bot requires 1,000 USD

balance for 0.01 lots as a rule of thumb. So if your balance is over 2,000 USD, then PinkGaga

Bot automatically increases order size to 0.02 lots, and so on. These numbers are for money

management purpose, and also taken care of by PinkGaga Bot.

Here is a sample trading result for PinkGaga_EURUSD during the year of 2015 up to June:

For details, please refer to PinkGaga Users Guide.